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How to get a passport photo without leaving the house

Looking for how to get a passport photo from home have been made a lot more easier because instead of trekking down to a boot, you can take your picture at home. Getting any passport photo size can’t be more easier.

get a passport photo

To take a passport picture, you will need the help of someone who will snap the picture for you. Unlike any other photo you can take on your own, travel document photos have rules which must be considered when taking the picture.

For instead when taking the picture you don’t need to put up your best smile. Before you take the picture in your home, it is advisable to know the rule in other for your photo not to be rejected.

After taking your picture in your home, you can submit it digitally as part of your online application, this way you won’t need to worry about printing it out.

Still, if you don’t want to complete an online form, then you have to get a traditional printed picture which will be sent with your application.

Can You Re-Use Old Photo?

Because of the rules with passport photos in the UK, you can’t reuse an existing digital picture after 6 months. So you have to take a new one specifically for the online application. This is why it is essential to be aware of the rule before taking or submitting passport photos.

To get a passport picture without leaving your home, you need to find a camera. You can also use other devices like your phone, tablet etc.


Who Can Help?

Look for someone that will help take the picture. You can also choose to use a tripod. Using a tripod is optional, but it can make it easier to take the camera steady and level.

When taking the picture, make sure that you use a plain background of either cream or light grey.

Don’t stand in front of patterned wallpaper or tiled walls and ensure that there is no object in the frame. Get in position, stand in 1.5 meters away from the person taking the picture and half a meter from the wall.

Make sure that there is space around your head and shoulder.

Check the lighting.

The best light is natural lighting. Ensure that there is no shadow on your face and behind your head. Please don’t stand close to a lamb.

Remove anything that will obstruct your photos like glasses and hair clips. Make sure that you take off any headwear unless for medical reasons or religious purpose and your whole face should be visible in the photo.

Do not smile, look straight into the camera with a neutral expression and ensure that your mouth is closed.

After you have taken the photo, check to see if the image is clear and focus.

If you take your picture following the above, you can submit your picture online, and your photo will be accepted. So whenever your passport is ready, it will be delivered to you through the information provided during application. If you need help to get the right passport photo size, use ThePhotoApp

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id photos Passport Photo Online Passport Photos visa photos

How to replace a lost passport

How to replace a lost passport?

To replace a lost passport, you do not need to freak out as it is quite easy to get a new one.

The procedure will be same as reapplying for a passport since it won’t be for the first time. You need to get on board with this as soon as possible so that there are no delays.
Replace A Lost Passport
Reapplication for your passport
If you want, you can apply online for UK passport or go physically as well by visiting the local post office to pick up a passport application form. However, you will have to pay fees for reapplying passport.

You will be given a form in which you have to enter in the correct details. Keep in mind the rules which you followed earlier. Enter all the details to ensure a very smooth process.

If you have entered the wrong details, then the application will be sent back to you to fill correctly or in some cases even rejected. So, make sure that you fill the form very correctly.

Resending your photographs
If you want to apply again for your damaged or lost passport, take another passport photo.

You can take the service of ThePhotoApp for your photo or else go to any local photoshop.

Get two same photographs for the new application and then get them signed by a good counter signatory who is aware of all the conditions. One picture must be signed but you need to send both the photos.
Replace a lost passport

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id photos Passport Photo Online Passport Photos visa photos

Print Passport Photo

Print passport photo – Self Taken Passport Photo?

Print Passport Photo that is self-taken should not be a problem if you know-how. In order to take a decent picture you need to be quite relaxed and this kind of relaxed environment is only available at your home.

There are some rules to it though and can you print your own passport photo? You need to find out what passport photos are required. For your Uk Passport application to be processed further, you require 2 similar photos with a size of 35mm x 45mm in dimension.
Print Passport Photo

Take your pictures and then edit them

You need to take your picture in the natural daylight or with a white background. Avoid using the flash as it can then cause the red-eye to appear. Keep your shoulders upright and body posture correct.

Keep in mind that that distance should be no more than 34mm between your head and chin and the size of the photo should be 45mm x 35mm.

Press print

Now you can use your home printer and make sure that it prints high-quality pictures on a white paper. You should also check and make sure that your printer is able to print without a border. Though most passport photos are printed using dye sublimation printers.

Spend some money to buy a good quality paper as only that will help your photo to be of good quality.
After this, set your printer at the highest resolution, ideally 300dpi and adjust it to 100 per cent screen size.

Picture perfect

All of this seems to be quite hard so why don’t you make use of ThePhotoApp.

The pictures are easily approved and the only thing that you have to do is to upload the picture ( a selfie) and they will deal with the rest of the stuff. ThePhotoApp has helped many to make passport photos online. You may also try to get it printed online at Snapfish.
print passport photo

id photos Passport Photo Online Passport Photos visa photos

Digital Passport Photo – DIY

Digital Passport Photo – DIY

Digital passport photo works great nowadays instead of the traditional way. Now, it is easy to make passport photos online. However, there can be problems if you your photos do not meet the rules for digital passport photos. As it is the era of technology, people like to get digital passport photos. There are several ways out of which you can get the digital passport photo for yourself.

Digital Passport Photo

Who can help?

If you have a friend or sibling around, then ask them to take it from the phone or digital camera. You will know the instructions on taking the picture later on in this article. Next option is that you go to the photoshop and get the photo taken by the digital photo professionals. You can get the copy of the digital photo from them in a USB or CD so that you can print it out later.
Some of the photo studios, ThePhotoApp or other online photo service providers also provide you code which you can use later on to retrieve your picture. It helps you taking out the picture to print it again from the same database using the code you have. Another option is that you go to the photo booth. In the UK, you will be able to print out the pictures instantly from the photo booth.

Digital Passport Photo

How to Print?

Insert your device, and when the pictures appear on the screen, you can choose the option for a passport photo. With that, you can continue to make changes such as enhancement, cropping and fit it into one paper. As you print out several passport size photos on one 4×6 inches paper, the cost will be for that one 4×6 inches paper and not the individual passport photo.
If you have someone who is taking your photo then here are some of the instructions for you. Make sure that your head is visible from the top. The shoulders need to show in the picture too so stand at a distance where you are pretty visible. The upper body should be visible in the picture.

The picture should be plain and without any marks.

So when you get the photo taken, make sure to check it on the phone or camera. If it is not right then re-take the picture until you get the right one. There shouldn’t be anyone around you when you are taking the picture. The background should be white or very light coloured so keep a check on that too. Your face should be looking forward along with the contact with the lens of the phone or camera. Do not compromise on these instructions as they can be costly for you.  Learn more about easy method to make Canadian Passport Photos Online.