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Canadian Passport Photos


Also, the picture should be plain and without any marks.

Ensure that the background is white. Your face should be looking forward along with the contact with the lens of the phone or camera. 

Mistake in Passport Applications to Avoid

Submitting the wrong size of photographs to High Commission of Canada in the UK can make your application get rejected.

Filling a passport application may be a confusing and overwhelming task. You have to focus on deadlines and details to track.

It is essential to understand the requirements of passport photos and passport documents. Nowadays, Canadian passport photos near me services can make your life easy.

Your mistakes can make this prolonged process more lengthy.


Late Renewal of Passport

In a few countries, a passport must be valid for almost six months after the departure date.

If your passport is going to expire, you will face challenges in flying abroad. Remember, it takes almost some weeks to process and obtain a new passport. You should not wait for expiry date to apply for renewal of passport.

Remember, it is possible to expedite the process of renewal and get it within three weeks. Here are some easy methods to speed up the process:

  • Offer proof of critical travel plans
  • Schedule your appointment at a local passport agency   
  • Pay service fee to speed up the process


Mistakes on the Application of Passport

It is possible to apply for the passport with misinformation. These errors may include misspellings, typos, white-out marks, blank lines and intentional scribbles. Remember, these mistakes can delay the process of passport renewal.

You have to correct these mistakes to continue the renewal process. If an application for passport shows errors, a passport agency may inform you about these it.

Avoid simple mistakes in the passport application to get your passport at the right time. It is crucial to complete your application thoroughly. In this way, you can avoid possible troubles.


Insufficient Documents for Passport

It is possible to provide wrong or insufficient in a passport application. Incomplete information can increase the chances of delay. You have to provide essential documents with your passport renewal or application:

  • Driver’s license or other photo ID
  • Proof of the citizenship of the United States
  • Current colour photograph
  • Suitable passport fees


Photo Requirements for Missing Passport

If you submit a wrong passport photo that fails to meet the requirements of passport photo, you will not get your passport on time. ThePhotoApp can help to make the Canadian Passport photos online.

Also, learn more about Canadian Passport Photo Requirements.

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